1. One last photo shoot with my favorite model. I now have one week to turn it into a charcoal drawing for my figure drawing final. 


  2. ghiblijam:

    Princess Mononoke and Spirited Away mashup.


  3. Finally finished my piece for goblin week. It was a great excuse to use my new pastel kit :)


  4. Pics of one of my puppets from my film I’m currently working on.


  5. Finally finished my stop motion. Hope you guys enjoy!


  6. Stop-motion is probably the worst, most painful way to make a film. It’s a completely awful process to engage in, an anachronism. But the stories have a warmth and a charm. You’re not looking at ones and zeros. You’re looking at the hands of the artists who made it.
    — Travis Knight, CEO Laika (via kirstenlepore)

    (via jamesgoesexploring)


  7. treasurenowhere:

    Finishing up my animation, but here is a preview of the other puppet. Its a parrot head!


  8. treasurenowhere:

    Puppet for my stop motion animation.


  9. Introduction!



    Hello everybody! We are a group of artists who love animation so much we are spending our free time putting together an anthology for you.

    This anthology’s theme will be “Treasure”.

    Keep an eye out and click follow to stay updated on our animation progress. You can also check out the sidebar to look at everyone’s personal blogs.

    I started an animation anthology project! Check it out!


  10. Bryce Canyon, Utah