1. Unfortunately, this stop motion project got put on hold but I finally am able to work on it. First day of shooting went well but I still have so much to learn in animation. 


  2. First attempt at a one point perspective room. Has some issues but that is what practice is for.


  3. Here is my submission for the Nick tumblr fan art competition. This was my favorite cartoon growing up so I had a lot of fun doing this. It’s the rugrats as toys :) 

    Jennifer Boyer



  4. Pastel piece I’ve been working on for awhile.


  5. A drawing I did of Cthulhu doing yoga at a Sketch-a-doodle meet up. 


  6. Thought it would be fun to do a quick piece on Hel and Garmr from the Norse mythology.


  7. One last photo shoot with my favorite model. I now have one week to turn it into a charcoal drawing for my figure drawing final. 


  8. ghiblijam:

    Princess Mononoke and Spirited Away mashup.


  9. Finally finished my piece for goblin week. It was a great excuse to use my new pastel kit :)


  10. Pics of one of my puppets from my film I’m currently working on.